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Prime coating, prime anti-weathering ability, prime fire-retardant performance, prime peel-off strength, limitless color variety, light-weight, easy handling and processing are some of the main reasons why our Aluminum Composite Panel replaces the traditional coating materials. Our Aluminum Composite Panel overcomes the weaknesses of traditional materials such as: corrosion, peeling, mold, rust, hard handling or fabrication, etc. The growth of Aluminum Composite Panel since it was developed in the 1990s has grown from the tens of thousands square-meter, up to the millions of square-meter today. It has become a prime choice for architects, contractors, and building owners.

Anti-Weathering Ability

PVDF Coated Aluminum Composite Panel is what is mostly used for exterior purposes. With a PVDF Coating thickness of ≥ 25 µm, our Aluminum Composite Panel has a prime anti-weathering ability, corrosion resistant, pollution resistant, ultraviolet radiation resistant and more.

Light Weight

The aluminum alloy and plastic composition of Aluminum Composite Panel, makes it lighter than other materials such as: stone, glass, aluminum sheet, carbon steel, etc.

Easy Fabrication & Handling

Aluminum Composite Panel is relatively easier to cut, to groove, to punch or to bend, compared to other materials. Architects and engineers can use these advantages to create limitless creative designs and models.

Fire Retardant Performance

Both the top and bottom of Aluminum Composite Panel surface are aluminum sheets which are naturally fire-resistant. The core material are also fire-resistant, creating a prime fire retardant characteristics.

Color Variety

The color variety of Aluminum Composite Panel essentially is limitless. Aside from having a multitude of of our own standard colors, we are able to do color matching to satisfy the desire of our clients.

Environment Friendly

Our aluminum sheets and polyethylene core are all non-toxic materials.